To help solve the shortage of affordable housing in developed countries and build smart live-work accommodation for: students, first-time buyers, singles homes, family homes and retirement housing using modular offsite construction technologies.


We will then use the skills and profits generated in developing countries to improve housing, including live-work accommodation, improve sanitation, increase access to clean water, introduce environmental sustainability, build access to the internet and supply affordable recycled, or donated, computer equipment.

We also have a particular focus on upgrading or redeveloping housing and retail units in favela, slums, shanty towns and urban purlieus. We want to help people to live, work, build businesses, earn a living, and create better quality lifestyles in an environmentally sustainable way that suits the local conditions, uses local materials and offers solutions to particular local problems.


We also plan to offer innovative ways to help people become home-owners through part-own-part-rent, and full Rent to Buy programs. Where we find that land ownership is in question, or even disputed, we will offer options of land or property ownership registries run on blockchain technologies and conduct negotiations with the governing authorities.


We will achieve this by using the power of cryptocurrencies, asset tokenisation, blockchain ledgers, smart contracts, decentralised applications and an international network of people, interested in our objectives, who can supply the necessary skills to bring our mission and vision to fruition. This will create economic benefit to both existing and new organisations who will use our open source offsite modular construction designs and other techniques in a way that can continue beyond the lifetime of the project’s founders.