We have taken a novel approach to launching our token, this is to take account of the current status of the CryptoCurrency & Blockchain development, also to maximise the transparency and fairness of the distribution.


We planned to make all of our tokens available at launch for purchase, instead of pre mining tokens and allocating them to various entities we have decided on a percentage-based allocation which will be activated in line with the sale of tokens.


In this way there will not be any large hidden allocations of tokens that may appear in the future, also the allocations will only grow with the successful sale of our token.

Also due to the wide range of developments currently underway to various blockchains we have decided to register with the three main blockchain's, with the same maximum token number on each, as we have indicated there will be a maximum number of 45 billion tokens with no additional tokens being mined, we will adjust the available tokens on each blockchain to ensure our maximum number of tokens in circulation never exceeds 45 billion as they are being sold.


You will also see below that we be aiming to create a deflationary token by instituting various token burn events and repurchases of the tokens in circulation with profits generated.