Carl-Henry-Grey-Suit-and-ChampaigneI started my first “business” when I was 12 years old – delivering newspapers early morning and in the evening 7 days a week, whenever other boys did not turn up I would take the opportunity of doing 2 or 3 other paper rounds!

My second “business” started around 13 years old was repairing and selling old motorcycles, mopeds and scooters to other boys that we would ride on private land for fun.

I also joined the Army Cadets where I spent 2 evenings a week and many weekends; we learned all about the military, marching, weapons, discipline and how to present ourselves properly in our uniforms. This lead to a stint in the regular army after leaving school.

After leaving the army I had a job, which among other things, was selling hifi and stereo equipment, that's when my interest in music developed and lead to my first job as a nightclub DJ. Within 4 months of that first DJing opportunity I became a full time self-employed DJ on the 1st July 1978 for the Coral Group in the newest disco in town, 3 months later I started my second business renting out mobile disco light & sound equipment and running a DJ agency for local hotels.

That's how I started in business and since then I have been involved in at least 39 different industries.

Over the years I've been asked a lot "Hey Carl, what do you do for a living?" My answers have changed a lot over time! This is partly because there has never been a simple answer and also it would take too long to give an accurate answer (Click Here to see the video that explains everything). I've always been motivated to be totally self sufficient, understanding and controlling everything needed to move things forward without depending on others for my success (or failure).

Back when I started, on the 1st July 1978, I was totally unprepared for business life, I just had a drive to have a better life and as much freedom as possible - I've never been in full time employment since.

Freedom comes with quite a price though, you never have certainty about anything, you can create the illusion of certainty if you do something long enough that makes you enough money to get by or thrive - but as I have experienced many times, anything you have can be taken away or destroyed in a very short space of time. This is not necessarily by some known adversary or enemy. It could be national or international events, politicians making bad guesses about the way to run the country and simple bad luck. Possible pitfalls are everywhere so you need to work out the key things that are going to potentially affect you and have several fall back plans, just-in-case!

Most people have only seen a small part of my activities, so they tend to encourage me "to focus" or "stick to one thing", I know that from their limited point-of-view, lack of awareness of the full business and miss-understanding of my decision making processes it makes perfect sense to them - but I am aware of so many options, opportunities and potential scenarios in my wide ranging and interlocking business activities; I have a great deal of clarity in developing my business concept.

Many successful outcomes arrive from totally counter intuitive actions, it does not make me right all the time but I only have to be right more times than I am wrong to succeed. It's true that actions can lead to problems, problems give you experience and experience leads to success (if you are listening to it).


It has not been a straight line to success and even today I do not accept that I have reached the highest pinnacle of my potential, in terms of net worth or overall achievement – I suspect that on my last day on earth I will have “Just one more job to do”.


I was totally naive when I started in business because I missed out on about the first 12 years of normal childhood experience, where one learns interpersonal skills, interacting with others etc. This is because I lived a rather isolated life in the north African desert 19Km outside of a small port town – when I returned to the UK at 12 years old it was a confusing time that made me eager to learn about the ways of life & living. This made me learn at a much faster pace than my peer group whom I quickly surpassed, at least on my terms of reference because they were not interested in the things that I was and visa-versa!


Since 1972 I have studied 100’s of books on all aspects of life & business, also since the internet really took off in 1998 I have remained a committed researcher into the ways of the world and expert at building online businesses. I have always wanted to share my discoveries with anyone who needs help because I know from first-hand experience how lonely and difficult it is to try learning by trial-and-error, also trying to work everything out alone takes a lot of time and can be soul destroying.


"I want to help as many people as possible reach their full potental"

The result of my business career so far is "Carl Henry Global" where I group my activities under 5 main headings; Finance, Real Estate (Property),Internet (Online Marketing), Corporate and Personal & Lifestyle - I use these headings to organise both my business & personal life. I find it helpful to have these "boxes" to put all my thinking and planning into. Read more on the "About Us" page...,

Since 1998 I have used the internet as much as possible to run my business activities in order to minimise the structural size of my businesses. This is when I came up with "CAD-Q" (Communication, Automation, Dissemination and Qualification) the online world is a good way to minimise a lot of offline work.


"I believe in the power of laughter and having
as much fun and freedom as possible."

My aim with Carl Henry Global is to create an online conglomerate that can support and run multiple businesses and support any industry by leveraging the correct online tools and software. I've heard this model called "vertical integration", I just know that I don't like being dependent on 3rd parties for my progress.

We have also built lots and lots of commercial websites! The key difference between us and a typical "website designer" is that we understand many different offline business types and we design online business systems that will work in the real world, creating beautiful online brochures is not of much interest to us in isolation - we want our "Online Business Systems" to do a job of work and help you make money online!


Work With Us!!

As explained we operate various fully owned businesses and run our own in-house projects, but we also welcome multiple types of relationships; this can be affiliate partners, trainee, customer, partner, Joint Venture or contractor.


Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how we can work together.