Most of our waste is connected with where we live and how we live, when we throw waste out of our homes we feel it is dealt with, but the more developed part of the world moves waste to the less developed or unseen parts of the world – we need sustainable waste management with education and resources for the less developed areas.

The biggest negative effects human beings have on this planet revolve around where and how we live. Dealing with our poor recycling efforts, the throw-away society, old styles of construction amongst many other issues will have a positive impact on all aspects of our climate and ecosystem.

Also, wherever you look there is a shortage of appropriate housing, particularly affordable housing, in both the developed and developing countries. Our research has focused on providing housing that is faster, better, cheaper, and greener than current options.

Finally, as housing is a massive and essential industry it is also a substantial source of profits and store of value. This means that by working on solving the housing shortages in the developed countries we will produce value that can be reinvested in developing countries, that have suffered from a lack of investment due to previous colonisation and subsequent abandonment, bringing them into the world economy as valuable contributing members.


When real estate assets are combined with the power of the digital cryptocurrency industry and smart-technologies, the potential to create positive worldwide benefits will be dynamically enhanced.