We are not planning an ICO launch or similar, although all tokens are pre-mined, we will conduct Token sales more like a fair launch, this is to avoid initial price spike followed by a steady reduction in value.


There will be a total Maximum supply of 45 Billion "iHEAR" Tokens, As our tokens are sold into the market the proceeds will be distributed as outlined below on a pro rata basis to the circulating volume.


·        70% - Funding of iHEAR Projects

·        10% - Research & development of projects & technology

·        10% - Liquidity, Incentives, rewards & bounties

·        5% - Administration, marketing & running costs

·        5% - Team, existing development costs to date


These percentages will only be changed in line with our Governance guidelines.


There will be no large initial payments as the running cost budget and team allocation will only increase in line with the Token sales.


Budgets for projects will be allocated according to our Governance Guidelines.


Larger Projects may be funded by issuing new project specific tokens, existing iHEAR token holders will be allocated some free tokens in proportion to their holdings of iHEAR Tokens, they will also have priority and preferential access to purchase additional new project specific tokens ahead of any public sale.


Token Blockchain Registration

You will find on this page important links and information relating to the Blockchains our digital currencies and asset tokens are currently registered on. There will be a maximum supply of 45 Billion "iHEAR" Tokens in circulation, We will burn ERC-20 and BEP-20Tokens to ensure the number of tokens in circulation never exceeds the maximum supply.




Link: https://www.cardanoassets.com

Token symbol: iHEAR

Token Link: i.H.E.A.R. Trust

Token Type: Cardano Native Token

Token Description: International Housing Ecology Affordability Recycle

Number of Tokens: 45,000,000,000




Link: https://etherscan.io

Token Link: iHEAR Trust

Token Type: ERC-20

Max Total Supply: 45,000,000,000 iHEAR





Link: https://bscscan.com

Token Link: iHEAR Trust

Token Type: BEP-20

Max Total Supply: 45,000,000,000 iHEAR

Contract: 0x052Ef0DC160cbb9898D0B278f150Ad324BDA970c


Other Income


Donations will also be accepted and used for running costs.


We will also look at other methods of covering running costs such as selling merchandise and consultancy services.


iHEAR will also build up assets such as real estate, Licensing fees and intellectual Property (IP). Surplus income from these activities will be used to buy iHEAR Tokens and increase liquidity on exchanges when required.


iHEAR may participate in projects by making loans and charging interest or receiving a profit share.