This website is to give a general understanding of the activities of I Hear Trust Limited, a not-for-profit company, registered in England.


It is not intended as a solicitation for investment or offering financial advice. It is proposed to finance the operation of the company using cryptocurrency, crypto assets and Tokens based on various blockchains. These methods of financing can be highly volatile, you should take professional advice before entering these markets.


The "Specific Objects" of the company


I Hear Trust is a not-for-profit organisation with educational and community objectives promoting responsible occupation of the planet; focused on invention of new methods of housing development using waste products and factory production innovations, end-to-end ecological practices, affordability for all and maximum recycling of all materials used. Operating internationally to research, develop and improve new and existing methods and techniques in the provision of affordable housing and ownership of the resulting intellectual property; that also respects and improves the global ecology through the implementation of off-grid power production, zero landfill techniques, compostable or minimal landfill waste management techniques, elimination and or new methods of reusing single use plastics and other waste, to create housing and other construction components,  to research and develop non-combustible housing components; the implementation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation and promote hygienic living; with a particular attention to people living in deprived or distressed situations, including but not limited to second and third world shanty towns, tent cities, temporary and permanent refugee homes, slums, favelas and homeless accommodation; also to focus on the recycling or recyclability of all materials used in, or produced during the construction and habitation of responsible housing solutions worldwide.


Please send all enquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.