This is an outline of our intentions, not all eventualities can be seen in advance, but these guiding principles will form the overall framework.



July 2018 - Incorporation of the Not-for-Profit Company in England.

June 2019 - Development of initial website and social media accounts.

Initial Research into the various elements of the planned activities.

Initial Discussions with potential partners and specialists.

Research into the CryptoCurrency and Blockchain industry.

Creation of Token contract code.

Submission and registration on Cardano, Ethereum & Binance Blockchains.

Update multi-lingual website & social media.

Publish initial white paper versions.


To be completed

These are general examples of the most major steps, most will be completed in parallel, there will be many more items to complete in due course:

Listing of the iHEAR Token on various dEX (Decentralised Exchanges)

Start the sale of our Tokens and launch our incentive programs.

Decide on initial projects and formalise relations with specialists.

Continue with the developing of operational rules & technology.

Listing of our token on CoinMarketCap and Coingeko platforms.

Apply for listings on Centralised Exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance.

Continue building our communities and engagement around the world.